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Before you apply for a personal loan, consider other forms of credit. You might find a credit card is cheaper and a card with a 0 per cent introductory offer on purchases will enable you to spread the cost of big purchase interest-free.

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Airtel Money

This is a service that is available to all Equity Bank customers with Airtel lines that will enable customers from both Airtel and Equity Bank to access Airtel mobile banking platforms, perform agency cash transactions at Equity Bank branches and also enable Airtel Money customers to withdraw and deposit money at any Equity Bank countrywide.

Airtel Money services include:

  • Transferring money from your mobile phone to another mobile phone recipient wherever you are, any time you want within Kenya.
  • Topping up your mobile phone with airtime or another customer's mobile phone
  • Accessing and managing your bank account
  • Paying utility bills as well as buying goods and services


The service will enable the unbanked and under-banked to enjoy the benefits of mobile payments, while also giving us the opportunity to better serve Airtel customers.

Our service will transform many lives in the country, thanks to the accessibility and the simplified service that we are launching today in partnership with Equity. We have modernized our mobile money platform so that we can meet the convenient and easy-to-use preferences of customers.

The service will benefit both Airtel customers and Equity customers who use Airtel lines. Airtel has committed to deliver innovative and relevant mobile commerce solutions that make life easier for its customers. The partnership therefore boosts the customer familiarity to mobile banking services.

Register Today

Visit the nearest Airtel Money Agent / Dealer or Airtel Center with a photocopy of your original ID. Registration is FREE of CHARGE.

Airtel Money agents / dealers are authorized Airtel Money Points where you can access Airtel Money Services. They will assist you in Cash deposits Withdrawals and registration.

We have over 10,000 agents in Kenya